I don´t remember to have dreamt about any other way of life.

When I was a child the seashore and a simple dive mask drawn my smile forever. Amazed by marine life and the underwater features, it didn´t take a long until my eyes and my mind were completely full of sea tales and shipwrecks.

I started first as a deep water commercial diver, spending my time in offshore facilities, shipyards and research vessels in high seas; later on, I became underwater archaeologist and I completed my PhD in Archaeology, Geophysics and right now, about Paleoenvironmental studies.

My determination is the construction of a solid scientific background, the constant effort to work with the best teams worldwide in the most complex challenges and to complete my training in navigation and diving.

At the present time, my workstation is a sail catamaran full ready for coastal and small oceanographic research, the strong and brave Reverendo Rojo; my selection for deep water scuba projects is the Megalodon CCR.

Today, the history underneath the water is what captures my passion and my dedication; ancient sea routes, shipwrecks, coastlines, islands and rainforest that knew about cultures today disappeared. The forge of the myths, beliefs, religions and cultural representations of seafarers around the world is what still make me dream and develop my scientific work.

Surfing the waves with the wind, wading rivers, exploring submerged caves, deep water habitats or silent lakes, I would like to share the experience and the results of the scientific exploration.

To expose the work hypothesis, explain the complex technology and the scientific work protocols to the general public, developing a real work and from first person perspective, to share my thoughts and express how the science challenge the exploration if the unknown.

This way of life drive me to collaborate with National Geographic in the documentary “Finding Atlantis” in the coast of Huelva; to work with the PhD. Jim Delgado in the Bermuda reefs exploring the shipwrecks of the “Blockade runners” of the U.S Civil War; to travel to Madagascar island in the Indian Ocean with Barry Clifford in order to find a “Valley of Kings of Pirate Shipwrecks” for a documentary series of six episodes for History Channel; I have collaborated in the deep rainforest of the Petén in Guatemala with PhD. Francisco Estrada Belli to archaeologically document supported with a scholarship of National Geographic a triadic Maya pattern. Recently, I had the opportunity to expose in the D-Max channel the underwater features in the coast of Huelva and the scientific explanation of the origin of the myth of Atlantis. I have joined to Diego Cortijo and the original team that discovered the underwater features of Yonaguni in Japan, in an attempt to provide a scientific explanation for a documentary series in the TV channel Movistar +.