The Concept

Starting from the hull structure from a regatta catamaran, the model Shockwave Formula 40; we redesign the hull, reinforced his structure and we changed the configuration of the sail plan.

Supported by professional designers and ship engineers, step by step, we were building a ship that has to fulfill the following premises: resistance, stability, speed and faceable for small research fieldwork on the sea and platform for technical divers.

The catamaran was full equipped with Side Scan Sonar, a small ROV, multibeam echo-sounder, multiparametric sounder and all the equipment for open sea navigation; radar, plotter, VHF, BLU, Navtext and three cabins for the crew and scientist.


We have tested the ship in open sea, in trips to Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. This year we are preparing a long journey around the Mediterranean, from Spain to Lebanon, following the ancient routes of the Phoenicians.



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