During the rebuilding process, we used kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel. We installed a powerful electric system using solar panels and the state of art of navigation and exploration technology.

The final result is a catamaran with research capabilities much higher than other catamarans of his class.

We set all the needs for the scientific devices; a winch for the side scan sonar, the frames for the sub bottom profiler and a small SAR for the ROV; transducers for the multibeam echo sounder and the sensors for the water analysis, the catamaran is full ready to use the Mockness net and Niskin bottles. We are able to develop underwater tow video with high accuracy and stability.

The REVERENDO ROJO is ready to refill dive tanks, the use of mixed gas and the use of rebreathers up to groups of 8 divers.



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