Ria del Carreras

During the I Congress of Spanish Underwater Archaeology, we presented the preliminary results of the preventive archaeological control of earthworks and underwater archaeological surveys developed during 2011, in the river Carreras Estuary. Those archaeological works allows understand the complex archaeological interest and the patrimony presents in the stratigraphy of the river margins and in the bottom. The archaeological material still under study, present a wide chronological occupation of the territory; the documentation of the submerged stratigraphy after different post-depositional processes and the identification of the dynamic model of the river Carreras is key to understand the process of affection to the underwater stratigraphy.

The archaeological stratigraphy is associated to the town of Ayamonte, the major part of the archaeological material has been associated to late roman occupation (S. III-IV) but a small collection presents an earlier chronology.
The presence of a potential tidal mill submerged structure is still under evaluation


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