Empire warrior

The 75m bulk cargo Empire Warrior was sunk after a successfully attack of III Reich German Luftwaffe squadron of Focke-Wulf Condor 300, at 5:14 in the morning of June 19 of 1941, one and half nautical mile from the river Guadiana mouth; while she was anchored near the sand bar waiting the arrival of the coast pilot to navigate upstream to the port of Pomaraô.

She was carrying 1.340 TN of industrial charcoal and 60 Tm of general cargo. During the summer of 2008 a Side-Scan sonar survey was taken in the area in order to elaborate a seabed mapping of the archaeological area, delimitate the area of archaeological scattering and obtain a general perspective of conservation of this historic ship.

This paper describes the conduct of the survey, the elaboration of mapping and the image correction system designed to obtain clear perspectives for an archaeology evaluation.

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