During the rebuilding process, we used kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel. We installed a powerful electric system using solar panels and the state of art of navigation and exploration technology.

The final result is a catamaran with research capabilities much higher than other catamarans of his class.

We set all the needs for the scientific devices; a winch for the side scan sonar, the frames for the sub bottom profiler and a small SAR for the ROV; transducers for the multibeam echo sounder and the sensors for the water analysis, the catamaran is full ready to use the Mockness net and Niskin bottles. We are able to develop underwater tow video with high accuracy and stability.

The REVERENDO ROJO is ready to refill dive tanks, the use of mixed gas and the use of rebreathers up to groups of 8 divers.




Rey Gerion it’s a sailing vessel with a high level of scientific equipment.

Small Remote Operation Vehicle (ROV), multibeam echo-sounder, side scan sonar, technical diving equipment, tow HD video recorder, CTD, sediment traps, digital chart software, etc…

And many room and anchorage point for some other marine research devices.

Do you think that´s a good start for small coastal research projects?

The Concept

Starting from the hull structure from a regatta catamaran, the model Shockwave Formula 40; we redesign the hull, reinforced his structure and we changed the configuration of the sail plan.

Supported by professional designers and ship engineers, step by step, we were building a ship that has to fulfill the following premises: resistance, stability, speed and faceable for small research fieldwork on the sea and platform for technical divers.

The catamaran was full equipped with Side Scan Sonar, a small ROV, multibeam echo-sounder, multiparametric sounder and all the equipment for open sea navigation; radar, plotter, VHF, BLU, Navtext and three cabins for the crew and scientist.


We have tested the ship in open sea, in trips to Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. This year we are preparing a long journey around the Mediterranean, from Spain to Lebanon, following the ancient routes of the Phoenicians.