Applied Geosciences and environmental engineering - Offshore Services, Coastal Monitoring, Teledetection.

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Nov 26 2020

We have two catamarans on the 5th list to cover a wide range of services


Sailing and motor catamaran of 12 meters in length and 6 in beam, with bathrooms and kitchen for 12 crew members. With an extraordinary minimum draft and a clear deck, it can sail in very shallow coastal waters and sail in estuaries, as well as in open water. Due to its stability, space and load capacity, it is a perfect platform for environmental studies in marshes, diving, filming, sampling and side-scan sonar campaigns and drone flights.


Motor catamaran of 14 meters in length and 5.60 in beam. With bathrooms, showers, large kitchen and living room and a spacious and robust deck, it is enabled for 12 crew members. It is a very fast boat with two powerful 370 HP engines and specially prepared to carry out all geophysical work and with all the diving service ready, from its flybridge operations can be coordinated easily and safely.