Applied Geosciences and environmental engineering - Offshore Services, Coastal Monitoring, Teledetection.

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Marine Geophysics

Oct 15 2020


Inspecciones de ductos y cables submarinos

Rey Gerión has capabilities in seabed mapping services to support the planning and installation of subsea power and telecommunications cables. In deep water cases where high resolution data is required, drag sensor solutions can be provided. Underground pipeline evaluation studies are conducted using industry standard seafloor sampling equipment, however innovative techniques such as continuous electrical resistivity can be provided to measure soil properties. The results are presented as a predictive model of the depth of burial of the pipeline.


Bathymetric studies

Our system is tested and calibrated, we have applied it for a wide variety of survey objectives for years, on site investigation, we apply seismic methods combined with multibeam echo sounder, single beam echo sounder, and side scan sonar.

The data acquired during these studies has demonstrated the benefits of traditional high-resolution 2D seismic, which is still the typical seismic method used for contingency studies, and provides the most effective way to identify geographic hazards.