Applied Geosciences and environmental engineering - Offshore Services, Coastal Monitoring, Teledetection.

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Environmental services

Oct 15 2020


Statistics, monitoring and evaluation of marine communities

We carry out biological studies and statistical counts using grids and different types of sampling stations. We evaluate and count different species and document specimens and communities with images and statistical methods of identification and carry them out as underwater surveys in immersion.

We study in detail the population censuses of seagrass species and meadows, as well as the location and mitigation proposals for invasive species.


Recoveries and rescues

At Rey Gerión we have carried out recoveries and decommissions both on the surface and at high depth, from aircraft, pipelines, remains of maritime accidents, spills and removal of objects or dangers other than navigation.

Our vessels are highly efficient at tracking and locating targets, and our cranes and ROVs get the job done safely, efficiently and accurately.

We place, monitor and remove sensors and meters both in the coastal area and in high depth.